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What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

Complying Development Certificate

What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)? A CDC is what you are issued when you receive building and planning approval from a private certifier. It is a fast-track approval process which can be required for residential development. Complying Development Certificate can be used build a single or two storey house, swimming pools, demolition and […]

How to get a Construction Certificate

Get a Construction Certificate

While getting your development consent is worth rejoicing, it does not mean that you can start your building work straight away. Before you can start any building works, you must do the following steps: Get a Construction Certificate – Can be obtained from HK Certifiers. Appoint a Principal Certifier (PC) to monitor construction – Can […]

Complying Development Certificate: What You Need To Know!

Complying Development Certificate

The Complying Development Certificate must be approved by the certifying authority prior to building work starting and can be issued within 20 days. The Complying Development Certificate – also known as CDC –  is a fast track approval process for commercial, residential and industrial building projects. It can be issued within only 20 days, and […]

What Does a Private Certifier Do?

private certifiers new south wales

What Does a Private Certifier Do? Having the assistance of a Private Certifier during your building or renovation work makes the approval process efficient and cost-effective. A Private Certifier is a building professional who can act as a Principal Certifying Authority and is responsible for inspecting and approving the building work to ensure it is […]

Residential certification requirements for building works in New South Wales

Residential certification

Whether you’re building a new home in Blacktown, Penrith, or extending an existing property in the Blue Mountains, building work in Sydney and surrounding suburbs must always comply with local government and safety regulations. The residential certification process in New South Wales can be complicated, particularly for those building or renovating for the first time, […]

Construction Certificates: Everything you need to know to lodge an application

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Building a dream home in Sydney or the surrounding areas of Penrith, Blacktown, or the Blue Mountains is something that’s on the bucket list of many. With its world-class scenery and diverse yet enchanting mix of bustling city and beautiful beaches, New South Wales has something for everyone and continues to grow as a popular […]