Building a dream home in Sydney or the surrounding areas of Penrith, Blacktown, or the Blue Mountains is something that’s on the bucket list of many.

Construction CertificatesWith its world-class scenery and diverse yet enchanting mix of bustling city and beautiful beaches, New South Wales has something for everyone and continues to grow as a popular location for family homes, holiday retreats and investors alike.

While many buy their dream homes straight out of the real estate brochure, others opt for properties or land they can renovate or build on to create their perfect property completely unique to their taste and budget.

Before construction work can begin in any form on any property in Sydney and surrounds, you must apply for a Construction Certificate before you or your contractors pick up tools.

A Construction Certificate is an approval to go ahead with building works issued by the local council, an accredited professional body, or a private certifier.

In order to apply for a Construction Certificate, you’ll need the following:

  • To have a development consent approved and issued by your local council. If you have multiple properties, you can find your local council authority here
  • Meet all council requirements placed on the development consent
  • Provide council with all the details of the proposed construction plans and development specifications

The application form for a Construction Certificate is lengthy and in-depth and must be completed thoroughly and with accuracy.

Providing incomplete or inaccurate information is likely to delay the approximate two-week turnaround time that it takes for a Construction Certificate to be issued and hold up the commencement of the project.


What happens if I start work without a Construction Certificate?

Construction CertificatesIf you’re in Wollongong, the Central Coast or surrounds, you’ll be hard pushed to find a builder who will begin work on your property without viewing your approved Construction Certificate.

If you do find a construction worker who is willing to work without the appropriate approval, or if you want to start building yourself, harsh penalties will apply for going ahead without a certificate.

In the same way, if you make amendments to your plans after building works have started, you must notify your local council of any changes and these must be approved in the same way.

If you breach the regulations set in your certificate, you may be ordered to stop work immediately potentially wasting valuable time, money and resource.

A Construction Certificate is the first step in creating the property of your dreams, but the application process can be complicated. It’s essential that you provide accurate information regarding security, structural details and financial information.

HK Certifiers can remove all this confusion and complete the process for you. We approve and issue Construction Certificates promptly to make sure you can start your build or renovation as soon as possible.

Covering the areas of Sydney, Penrith, Blacktown, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong, if you’re in the local area and require further information about a Construction Certificate for your property, please contact us today.


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Construction Certificate quote

Attach a copy of the council Development Consent (with conditions) and a coloured copy of the DA Plans/Drawings

Complying Development quote

Attach a coloured copy of Plans/Drawings and a 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate (previously known as a 149 certificate). Please note that the Section 10.7 Planning Certificate is a certificate issued by Council.

    Attached the documents needed here



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      I like what you said about making amendments to your plan after the building process has started. I believe it’s important to work with a certifier that is known for their leniency and accuracy when obtaining information. If I were to undergo a construction project, I would be sure to contact a certifier that met my needs.

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