While getting your development consent is worth rejoicing, it does not mean that you can start your building work straight away. Before you can start any building works, you must do the following steps:

  1. Get a Construction Certificate – Can be obtained from HK Certifiers.
  2. Appoint a Principal Certifier (PC) to monitor construction – Can appoint HK Certifiers.
  3. Give the council and the PC notice before you start work.
  4. Complete any works listed in the ‘Prior to commencing work’ part of the consent.

Construction Certificate

The Construction Certificate can be obtained from your council or a private certifier, and it includes the detailed building plans, specifications and engineering details. The plans generally contain more information than your approved DA plans. This allows your builder to work directly from them. The building or the proposed development must be consistent with these plans and the development consent.

So which Certifier?

You have the choice as to who can issue your Construction Certificate. The certifying authority can either be your council or a Private Certifier.

If you are planning to carry out building work or renovation in Sydney or the surrounding areas of Penrith, Blacktown, or the Blue Mountains, HK Certifiers can help you obtain your Construction Certificate.

Our goal at HK Certifiers is to provide a range of quality services to our clients once you obtain your council approved development consent, these services include Construction Certificate, Principal Certifier and Occupation Certificate for your proposed development.

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