What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

A CDC is what you are issued when you receive building and planning approval from a private certifier. It is a fast-track approval process which can be required for residential development. Complying Development Certificate can be used build a single or two storey house, swimming pools, demolition and alterations of homes.

Before a CDC application can be submitted, the applicant must show that the building and the planning process complies with all development controls and standards which are applicable to the land. The State Environment Planning Policy has distinct codes for specific types of development. These codes have their own development standards which need to be met before a CDC can be issued.

A CDC can only be issued if the development complies with all building and planning standards as determined by the Building Code of Australia, State Environment Planning Policy, Local Environment Plans and other relevant Acts and Regulations.

If the proposed work does not satisfy the State Environment Planning Policy, a Development Application must be submitted to the Council. Therefore, a Construction Certificate will also need to be approved before any work can go ahead.

To find out whether your proposed building or renovation meets the requirement for a Complying Development Certificate, please contact HK Certifiers.

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